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Are you looking for thick, gorgeous hair but afraid of shoddy workmanship?

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Is your hair extension stylist licensed? Did you know it is illegal to perform hair extension services in the state of California without a valid cosmetology license? The hair extension industry is saturated with un-licensed, un-educated imposter hair extension stylists. Some hair extension supply companies are certifying non-licensed individuals. Your safety depends on an experienced, licensed cosmetologist specifically trained in hair extensions. 


Your hair is too important to trust it to unskilled labor! You Tube training is not adequate, trusy in a professioanlly educated stylist. Many people are now buying hair machines on eBay and using poor quality, inferior hair on their clients. Protect yourself by taking a moment to verify your stylist. Here’s how:
• Look up your stylist at the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology website.
• Go to the “Consumers” tab and choose “Verify Licensee,” then type in the stylist’s information.
• Check with hair manufacturers by phone or on their website to verify your stylist’s credentials.

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Susie Smith

“I’m Susie Smith, expert hair extension stylist and founder of Makin Waves Salons and the Hollywood Hair Extensions School. I’ve been offering quality hair extension services for over two decades. I’m a licensed cosmetologist holding certifications in many different hair extension methods, including Great Lengths, Hair Dreams, Hair Talk, Dreamcatchers, Cinderella Hair, microbead weft, and I’m one of the few U.S. based stylists certified by Dome of London. Unlike most hair extension stylists who offer only one method, I work with YOU to discover the best method to support your unique head of hair and your beauty goals. Safety always comes first! To ensure your comfort and satisfaction we begin with a complementary consultation.  I welcome you for a consultation even if you're not sure you'll use our salon.  I'd rather you be educated about hair extensions so you can make the proper choice for your hair needs. When you leave my salon, you will love your hair!

I’m certified in non-surgical hair replacement and I’ve also helped many people with trichotillomania and other hair loss conditions. I have great toppers that stay on 4 weeks as well as clip on toppers. I prefer Hair Dreams Micropoint solutions and Hair Talk brands. If thinning or fine hair is an issue, don’t worry! We will work together to find the best solution for you.  I’ve been wearing extensions for over twenty years and even though I have fine, bleached hair, it is stronger and healthier than it ever was.“

 Please call me directly to schedule a consultation at 714-801-6488 

Go to the "photos of our work" page to view hair extension before/after photos.  Also see pictures and ideas on our Facebook from the "social media" page.

Hollywood Hair Extensions

HHE offers a variety of hair extension methods to choose from. We have individual keratin, individual bead tip, tape wefts, regular machine or hand sewn wefts for attaching with braiding or beading tracks. The hair is soft, durable and has longevity. This is a superior quality hair for a reasonable cost.

Individual Keratin Bonds 

• Wears 3-4 months
• No shedding
• No fill in maintenance
• Medium size bonds
• 8" - 22" lengths

Individual Bead Bonds

• Wears 6 weeks
• No shedding
• 6 week maintenance required
• Reusable up to 6 months
• 18" length

Tape Wefts

• Wears 4-6 weeks
• No shedding
• 4-6 week maintenance
• Reusable up to 6 months
• 14" - 22" length

Track/Weft hair

• Wears 4-6 weeks
• No shedding
• 4-6 week maintenance
• Reusable up to 6 months
• 8" - 22" lengths
• Installation is $75 per track
• $100 installation/removal

Great Lengths

• Wears 3-5 months
• No shedding
• No fill-in maintenance required
• Small, un-detectable bond
• 8"-24" lengths
• Full head $450-$3,000
• Thermal or cold fusion bonding available


• Wears 3-4 months
• Expect shedding
• May need fill-in at 2 months
• Medium/large bonds
• 8"-22" length
• Full head $580-$1,500

Hair Dreams

• Wears 3-4 months
• No shedding
• No fill-in maintenance required
• Small-medium bonds
• 8"-22" length
• Full head $500-$3,800
• Thermal fusion or tape method available

Complements System

• Wears 6 weeks
• No shedding
• Premium hair will last 6 months
• Up to 20" length
• Full head $320-$1300
• Maintenance $50 per row
• Attached poly weft method with beads
• Re-usable hair

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Hot Heads

• Hair lasts up to 1 year
• No shedding
• Maintenance every 4 weeks
• Flat, seamless track
• 8"-18" length
• Full head $450-$1,200
• Maintenance fee $175-$700

Hair Locks

• Wears 2-4 months
• Minimal shedding
• May need to replace any lost pieces
• 3 sizes
• 8”-20" length
• Full head $450-$3,000
• Maintenance fee $75-$125 hourly
• Fill-ins $8-$12 ea
• Re-usable hair
• Each order handpicked.
• Premium quality will last 6 months.

Monofibre Dome/Pro Hair

• Wears 3-4 months
• Medium shedding
• May need fill-in at 2 months
• S-M-L bond sizes
• Lengths up to 30"
• Full head $300-$1,500
• $8 each bond

Fun Stuff

• Crystals - $10 each

• Tiger Stripe hair - $10 each

• Funky colors - $10 each

• Feathers - $10-$25 each

Hair Replacement

Custom top pieces and wigs available.  Book a consultation for details.

Feather Extensions

Feather Hair Extensions $10-$25 each

Blonde Hair with Blue & Purple Extensions

Custom made clip in hair extensions just for you. As many pieces or colors as you like. Anything goes, if you can think it, I can make it! Prices vary from $50 to $1,500.

All hair extension services require a consultation. Each head needs to be evaluated for hair type, strength and method that can be used. Consideration is taken for what the client wants to wear only after safety has been determined. Consultations are always free of charge. Please feel free to come in for a consultation even if your not sure you will use our salon for your service. We would rather have you be educated in hair extension types than use a method that is not safe for your hair and incur damage. All extensions are color matched to your hair color, never color your hair to match an extension. Length is determined by clients desire and a safe amount of weight the clients hair can hold. All hair extension prices include all after products needed and complete after care instructions.